The Normals in Kansas

Hey, everyone. After 15 months or so, I’m back. I’ll be hustling a lot of things over the next little while. One of them is going to be clearing off a couple dozen bootleg filesets.

This one has zero provenance. A guy came to an Andrew Osenga show and handed him a CD with “The Normals – Live in Kansas” scrawled across it. “You guys played at my college back in the day. I know that you’ll know how to get this out.” As it turned out, I was right behind the dude, and Andy handed the disc to me and said, “I don’t know, but he does.”

It’s laid around for years and years. No more. Download: The Normals – Live in Kansas. You know everything that I know about this recording.

  1. “I’ll Be Home Soon”
  2. “Romeo on the Radio”
  3. “Innocence”
  4. “Grace”
  5. “The Best I Can”
  6. “Less Than Love”
  7. “Black Dress”
  8. “These Times”
  9. “On My Own”
  10. “I’m Still Here” (Waterdeep cover)
  11. “Brittle Bone”
  12. “Don’t Hold Back”
  13. “Epilogue”

If you want better-than-MP3, get at me and I’ll find a place to drop them.

Sandra McCracken – 2012-01-05: 3rd & Lindsley, Nashville, TN, USA

Sandra McCracken

Click the above image for a FREE MP3 download of this concert recording.

This recording was made possible only through the generous support of four people: Chris Hubbs, Jeff Holland, Wally Walker, and Anita Jubb. Sandra tweeted about this show Monday the 2nd, and I tweeted that I’d go if people banded together and bought me gas for the trip up and back. I called this $50, which is a little less than it generally takes to fill my tank. I use about 2/3 of the tank in the round trip, so I let the rest go to the caffeine necessary to make the trip happen. Again, thanks, y’all. I may crowd source my travel funds again in the future.

This was a fun show. Everyone was witty, but only three of them had mics. [I saw you being funny, Eckberg.] Good setlist, great people, and a great new look for 3rd & Lindsley. It’s gone from a place that I’d only visit if my friends were playing there to a place that I might go just for random shows if I lived in Nashville.

Here’s the pertinent information:

Click for full-size image at geoF:stop store.

Sandra McCracken: vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboard
Derek Webb: 12-string acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electronic drums, loops, background vocals
Aaron Sands: electric bass guitar
Paul Eckberg: drum kit
Jordan Brooke Hamlin: electric guitar, keyboards, mandolin
Melanie Penn: background vocals

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01. Guardian [03:34]
02. Justice Will Roll Down [04:17]
03. (stage banter) [01:05]
04. Long Way Home [03:39]
05. Now and Then [04:02]
06. (stage banter) [01:38]
07. New Wonders [03:09]
08. Ticket Home [05:31]
09. (stage banter) [01:21]
10. Storehouse [04:07]

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11. Lock and Key [03:55]
12. (stage banter) [01:05]
13. Portadown Station [04:34]
14. (stage banter) [02:26]
15. Halfway [03:53]
16. Can’t Help Myself [05:36]
17. (stage banter) [00:45]
18. Last Goodbye [03:02]
19. In Feast or Fallow [03:51]
20. (stage banter) [01:13]

Click for full-size image at geoF:stop store.

21. Ten Thousand Angels [04:38]
22. (stage banter) [03:41]
23. Amazing Grace [04:05]

I have uploaded this recording to the Live Music Archive if you want the highest-quality recording available. I have also added metadata about the show to if you’re into that sort of thing, which I certainly am. I have the original files, both AUD and SBD, available as a FLAC upon request.

The best of my photos for this show are for sale at I make my recordings available for free, and I make money to buy better lenses and microphones with the proceeds from selling prints and standouts. If you appreciate my work, please consider purchasing a print or leaving me a tip in the tip jar.

Before you spend any money with me, you best spend it on Sandra McCracken records, which are available for purchase at

Once again, thanks for listening, and thanks to Anita, Wally, Jeff, and Chris for making it possible. I’m sorry that it took me this long to get things out. For those who are curious, I did record the opener, and as soon as I get the setlist from Melanie, I’ll put that one out as well.