The Normals in Kansas

Hey, everyone. After 15 months or so, I’m back. I’ll be hustling a lot of things over the next little while. One of them is going to be clearing off a couple dozen bootleg filesets.

This one has zero provenance. A guy came to an Andrew Osenga show and handed him a CD with “The Normals – Live in Kansas” scrawled across it. “You guys played at my college back in the day. I know that you’ll know how to get this out.” As it turned out, I was right behind the dude, and Andy handed the disc to me and said, “I don’t know, but he does.”

It’s laid around for years and years. No more. Download: The Normals – Live in Kansas. You know everything that I know about this recording.

  1. “I’ll Be Home Soon”
  2. “Romeo on the Radio”
  3. “Innocence”
  4. “Grace”
  5. “The Best I Can”
  6. “Less Than Love”
  7. “Black Dress”
  8. “These Times”
  9. “On My Own”
  10. “I’m Still Here” (Waterdeep cover)
  11. “Brittle Bone”
  12. “Don’t Hold Back”
  13. “Epilogue”

If you want better-than-MP3, get at me and I’ll find a place to drop them.

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